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The Speech Summary:

Twitter will start accepting payments in BTC from advertisers (Dorsey replied "Let's do it" to Musk's suggestion);

Musk also owns ETH (in addition to btc and doge);

SpaceX purchased BTC;

Tesla does not sell bitcoin, it is possible that accepting payments in BTC will be resumed;

There are ideas on the use of bitcoin nodes in space;

Katie Wood will do her best to popularize bitcoin;

Dorsey will continue to provide tremendous support to develop new solutions;

Elon Musk spoke about the development of Mining-Tron company
The technologies used by this company "Mining-Tron" are some of the most advanced. I haven't seen anything like this for a very long time! Mining with their technologies has really reached a new level, you can earn very well here. I recommend people not to lose time and start working with Mining-Tron, because this platform will go far ahead of its competitors. I also heard that they are thinking of issuing their own token soon, and in order to be among the first people who buy it at a favorable price, you need to be registered on this platform! Do not lose time as your future depends on it!
My name is Nicholas Reich, I am 41 and I am the father of two daughters. Most part of my life I was working as an accountant, I had catastrophically not enough time for my family and I never enjoyed my earnings, since after getting salary all the money was spent on paying off debts, taxes and providing minimal comfort for my children and wife. On this ground, conflicts used to occur in our family. It came to the point that before going to bed we used to discuss the possibility of divorce, but I couldn't leave my daughters as well as my wife, because they were mine. At that moment, I realized that I had to change something, because my family and I do not live, but just exist, we live "end-to-end", on a credit. I started looking for investment opportunities and I immediately realized that this was my only chance because I didn't have my own money, I had to take another loan for my wife, because no one would lend funds to me anymore, as my credit history was destroyed by constant late payments; and total debt was about $175,000. I chose the Top 5 companies on the market, one of them was Mining-Tron.Com I am sincerely grateful to the manager Steve for convincing me to work with their company. I allocated $50 to test the work with the company, thereafter. I waited 2 weeks for the withdrawal of the first funds. After that, I realized that the company is reliable, and I started to collecting funds from where it was possible; in my eyes, it looked like a philosopher's stone. My wife took out a loan, and our parents also helped us. The total investment amount was $48,500; a month later I made my second withdrawal and immediately returned my money. By the end of the year I have already received $123,000 that I also did not withdraw but only reinvested. By the end of the next year I had $360,000 in my assets. I immediately repaid debts in the amount of almost $200,000 and opened my own investment company to raise funds. By the end of the third year the investment amount has reached $800,000 per month, and our company earns more than $100,000. And the most important thing is that it's real money that I can finally spend on my family. Thank you, Mining-Tron.Com!
  • With you I have a happy and strong family.
  • I can give my family what they need and what they want.
  • You provided me with self-confidence and opened new horizons.
  • Thank you!!!! Mining-Tron.Com
REVIEWS OF Mining-Tron
Profit: 8677$
I have been using Mining-Tron for more than 2 weeks. During this period, I made a profit in the amount of $8,677 from my initial deposit. This is much more than I earn at work. Travis Moore
Profit: 3256$
I got $3,256 for just a month of using Mining-Tron, considering that I was travelling around Ireland and did nothing at all, just made a small investment to test the service and I was not mistaken! Josh Hoppe
Profit: 9800$
My grandson made the first deposit for me. I lost a lot of money investing in untested pyramids and funds. Mining-Tron was advised to my grandson by his friend, a professional investor... And we were not mistaken, two months later I bought additional miners on their platform and was able to earn $9,800 in 4 months. Rebecca Franda
Profit: 55600$
I have been working with Mining-Tron for over 6 months. During this time I managed to earn $55,600. I already have a rather good income per month thanks to this platform. Special thanks to my manager with whom I have been communicating since the very beginning of my cooperation with Mining-Tron. David Rittmiller
Profit: 1525$
I am a student and work part-time after the classes. I invested in Mining-Tron 2 weeks ago and have already received my first profit of $1,525. This is a very convenient platform. I have done almost nothing. It's a good way to earn money if you work or study and have limited time. Sophie Wiatr
Profit: 100952$
We have been working with Mining-Tron for about 2 years, my husband and I started working with this platform after we met their chief system administrator on vacation. When he told us how serious their approach to mining equipment is and told about the company's immediate plans, we made the first investment. After waiting for a profit for 2 weeks, we started reinvesting every month and reached a very tangible income. Ashley Johnson
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